People learn Mandarin Chinese for different reasons, including:

  • Expanding business to China; 
  • Preparing to relocate to Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou or Shengzhen et al for study, work or personal life
  • Having a great Interest in Chinese history, philosophy or traditional art
  • Getting ready for adventures in some of the most diverse regions with rich cultures and customs, such as Yunnan, Inner Mongolia and Tibet et al.

Some people might have a wrong perception that Mandarin Chinese is one of the most difficult languages to learn in the world. In fact its pronunciation is not as difficult as Korean, once you have mastered Pinyin, the pronunciation system, you will be able to easily speak Mandarin. The most challenging part is to learn to write and master Chinese characters. Even for native speakers, it takes a significant amount of time to master the most commonly used characters. But it does not mean it is impossible for foreigners to achieve. The ALCL training makes the learning of characters creative, interesting and inspiring, reason being, Chinese characters are a form of ideogram. Almost each of them has an interesting meaning or even a story. Hong's practice of Traditional Chinese Calligraphy has enabled her to grasp the deep meanings and stories embedded in some of the most commonly used characters. No doubt this will speed up your learning process incredibly. 

Most of the materials available in the market for learning Mandarin are not systematically written. One often ends up with learning some fragments sporadically without realising it. The uniqueness of the ALCL language training is to provide many surprising  and secret shortcuts to enable you to learn efficiently since the very beginning. During the training dynamic teaching approaches and techniques are utilised to maximise your learning efficiency and effectiveness. 


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